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NotCorr can arrange all inspections on coating related issues.

All inspections on the projects are performed by NotCorr’s independent NACE/AMPP certified coating inspectors. They perform the inspections with advanced and calibrated inspection and test equipment, in which the statutory standards are respected. The coating inspectors are aware of the coating specifications per sector: wind energy, oil & gas, on & offshore structures, maritime environments, infrastructure and chemical plants. Also they have an vast experience in the field of recognized industrial standards, such as NACE, IMO, SSPC, AMPP, ASTM & ISO.

Coating inspections are mostly done to inspect the application and verify that the work on the project is executed according to the prescribed specifications (Method Statement, Inspection and Test Plan and the Coating Specification).

We carry out these inspections prior, during and after completion of the project. Together with the client we decide when and how often, periodically or on call, these inspections take place. With our expert advice and intensive supervision we monitor and document the progress of the projects.

Kind of  inspections

NotCorr offers various forms of inspections, such as:

Environmental conditions: ambient & surface temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

Surface preparation: surface roughness, blasting or power tool cleaning standards.

Surface cleanliness: “Bresle” soluble salt test, dust test and other contamination tests.

Wet Film Thickness (WFT) and Dry Film Thickness (DFT) measurements, both destructive and non-destructive.

Adhesion tests.

We perform inspections on all kind of substrates and coatings such as: conventional coatings, thermal spraying, galvanizing, tank linings, Passive Fire Protecting systems, specific water ballast tank coatings under IMO-PSPC regulations and many more coating systems.

Consultancy & Advise

Several parties provide Coating Specifications, however some of them are based on a commercial drive. Therefore an asset owner cannot estimate the reliability of these specifications. Through our independence, NotCorr can write or review a Coating Specification in a way that serves in the best interest of the technical and financial aspects of the asset owner. This specification often becomes aligned with planned maintenance intervals, predicted life expectancy and ability to perform maintenance.

Advise clients and asset owners on feasible and realistic acceptance criteria.

Work as an independent consultant for asset owners, shipyards, dockings for shipowners, construction companies, inspection agencies and insurance companies.

During a long term survey our inspectors establish the current state of the coating system and/or substrate and prepare a multi year maintenance plan, NotCorr will provide a Coating Specification and Inspection and Test Plan to the asset owner, so they can plan maintenance up ahead and prevent an unplanned and costly shutdown of their asset.


Warranty/claim related surveys

If a conflict arises between the client and contractor or paint supplier, NotCorr can perform an independent and unbiased investigation. By means of on site inspections and a review of all relevant documentation, and if necessary supplemented by lab tests, the cause can be determined.

The goal of the survey is to determine if the coating system has been applied according to the Scope of Work and the regulations of the coating manufacturer.

In case of failure or damage we can be of service in determining the cause and provide a solution for the damaged areas.



NotCorr has educated several companies worldwide on the subject of corrosion awareness and the importance of properly planned maintenance.

On site training in proper surface preparation and application is one of the key activities of our company.